Jizz nr 373

Max Bale är en modell som det typ inte finns någon info om alls, tyvärr. Men vi blessar er med några bilder på honom ändå!
Born: London, England
Date of birth: ?
Height: 1, 84 m
Known for: ?

Jizz nr 372

Derek Klena is a cutie with a voice of an angel. He debuted on Broadway as the leading male-role, Fiyero, in Wicked. He also starred as the leading male-role, Eddie, in the off-Broadway musical Dogfight.
Born: California, USA
Date: 1991
Height: ?
Known for: Playing Fiyero

Jizz nr 371

Jordan Robson is a dancer in training and a model. You can follow him on instagram and tumblr.

Born: Newcastle, England
Date of birth: 1993
Height: 1, 80 m
Known for: his cute instagram-video

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