Jizz nr 262

Ben Giessler, det finns i princip ingen information om denna man ute i cyberrymden, så vi får bara gotta oss åt bilderna på honom. Visst ser han mysig ut?

PS. Ber om ursäkt för alla frågetecken, men vad göra???????????????

Born: ?
Date: ?
Height: 1,88 m
Known for: ?

Jizz nr 261

Ber om ursäkt för att vi inte postade något jizz förra veckan, men vi var som sagt i London och hade skojs istället! Denna resa blev inte lika mycket modell-jackpot som parisresan, dock så såg vi en modell från agenturen MandP Models. Minns inte exakt vem det var, så jag valde bara en cutiepie från deras hemsida.

Humbert Clotet is a graphic arts student who designs posters for local events in his hometown. He is also a big fan of motorcycles, indie music and the colour orange. He’s already worked for Levi’s and Converse in Barcelona, however, Humbert’s best is yet to come – and soon, we believe!

Born: Barcelona
Date of birth: 31st of dec, 1993
Height: 1, 85 m
Known for: lips, cheekbones, eyes

Jizz nr 260

Douglas Booth is a super hot actor and model with an incredible face! If you have seen him before it's probably in the Burberry campaign with Emma Watson. He will play Romeo in a new Romeo and Juliet-film which will be in cinemas 2012. Looking forward to that.
Here's his twitter.

And also since he's from London we, the ladies of the youjizzgirl-blog, thought it was very suiting because we are going there for a week! We hope this trip will be just as jizzin as our trip to Paris. The radar is on!

Born: London, UK
Date: 1992
Height: 1,85 m
Known for: Looking good on camera, stills or video, he's amazingk!

Jizz nr 259

Alex Gilbert has appeared in countless fashion magazines including L'Officiel Hommes and Hercules Magazine, as well as big campaigns for "D&G", "Valextra", "Sasch", "Valextra" in 2008, and "Benetton" in 2009.

Born: Fulham, London
Date of birth: 1989
Height: 1, 86 m
Known for: boyish looks and elegance

Tillsammans med ett av våra tidigare jizz, Matthew Hitt.

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