Jizz nr 381

Sacha M'Baye is a Semi-pro footballer/Model who has a little unusual "discovering" story; He was discovered while riding the tube, and thought that the photographer chasing him was police, so stopped jogging and surrendered.
Born: France/Senegal
Date of birth: 20th of march, 1990
Height: 1, 88 m
Known for: his scar and being a semi-pro footballer

Jizz nr 380

Thom Morell är modell, skådespelare och dansare (aka "triple threat"). Han är signad med Select Model MGMT i London, Independent men i Milano samt View management i Barcelona.
Born: England (?)
Date: ?
Height: 1,85 m
Known for: for me he is the super cute prince from the D&G runway show

Jizz nr 379

Toby Sanderman is an English fashion model and sprint athlete, specialising in the 200 metres. He won the 200 m at the UK Athletics national championships in 2009, and followed this with two gold medals at the European Athletics U23 Championships. He has modelled for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and worked with Naomi Campbell for Vogue magazine.
Råder er till att kolla på det korta klippet, sjukt charmig kille!
Born: London, England
Date of birth: march 2nd, 1988 ;)
Height: 1, 84 m
Known for: model and sprint athlete
(längst till höger).

Jizz nr 378

Matthew Vande Vegte är signad med L.A. models samt Major & VNY I New York. Enligt hans instagram så är han även Lifeguard (skulle ju inte bli ledsen om man blev räddad av honom), boendes i N.Y och nuvarande på resande fot i New Zealand. 
Born: California, U.S.A
Date: ?
Height: 1,95 m
Known for:?

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