Jizz nr 377

CyKeem Whitehas been modeling for a couple of years now and his works are exquisite, from vintage styles, the GQ look and that sex appeal aura. He has done countless shoots that continues to build his portfolio that will soon supersede others in his field. This up and coming model out of Dallas, Texas takes his inspiration from God and his motivation and creativity from his family. CyKeem repeatedly expresses how much his family means to him and how they give him the will to continue his dream.
Born: Texas, USA
Date of birth: 1988
Height: ?
Known for: having a personal style

Jizz nr 376

Rutger Shoone was discovered at a fashionshow his girlfriend took him to. His favourite modeling experience is when he opened and closed the Louis Vuitton show.
Born: Heemskerk, Holland
Date: 1993?
Height: 1,88 m
Known for: a high fashion look

Jizz nr 375

Benjamin Eidem has certainly delivered the goods after his exclusives for the Prada and Louis Vuitton runways. Calvin Klein and Margaret Howell are 2 brands who are fans of Benjamin's classic movie star looks.

Born: Sweden
Date of birth: 1988?
Height: 1, 85 m
Known for: being #4 on models.com

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