Jizz nr 266

Kim Kraglund, Halelujah! Hur smaskig var inte han då ladies?! En riktigt stilig karl helt enkelt. Kim är en Skorpion som enligt Fb bor på Manhattan och är single and ready to mingle (Obs. kan ha hittat på det sista)!

Born: Hoersholm, Denmark
Date: 1991
Height: 1,89 m
Known for: New Face

Nom nom nom nom..

Jizz nr 265

Alex Nifong is an actor and model who appeared in one of Glee's episode: Silly Love Songs (playing Darren Criss crush Jeremiah or as the fans like to call him; Gap boy). He also has his own band called Lights. There is almost no information about him though.

Born: ?
Date of birth: ?
Height: ?
Known for: Glee

Dessutom missar vi aldrig en chans att få lite mer Darren på jizzen! (för mer D-Criss; klicka r och här).

Jizz nr 264

Mattia Regonaschi is 100% Italian and sex on a stick. He was discovered by a photographer while eating pizza. Here's a few of his answers from a interview:

Favorite things:
Make love; play football; take pictures; watch my favorite football team Juventus on tv
Favorite music, band:
Techno, minimal and classic music
Playing football and tennis
Favorite piece of clothing:
A watch that my grandfather gave me
What’s your idea of fun?
Go dancing with my friends and go out for dinner always with my friends

Born: Pantigliate, Italy
Date: 1990
Height: 1,88 m
Known for: New face

Jizz nr 263

Austin Victoria is an american model who was scouted while having lunch with his mom at a Hollywood restaurant when he was just 16. He loves dirt biking and hanging out with his English bulldog, Chico.

Born: Glendora, California
Date of birth: december 13, 1989
Height: 1, 83 m
Known for: boyish features and beautiful blue eyes

Hahah, han verkar ju ha humor också.

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