Jizz nr 374

Malcolm De Ruiter is a cute canadian who started modelling in 2012. His favourite city in Europe is Paris.
Malcolm about how he got into modelling:
"I started four months ago. I was doing photography before and got scouted that way. One of my friends in the program, Steven Domjancic, had a picture of me in his portfolio and he went to an agency and the agent looked at the picture and asked if I was signed. That was about it."
Malcolm about what he think he would be doing now if he wasn't modelling:
"I was in photography for a bit, but I’d probably just be working a couple part-time jobs to pay off my student loans. It wouldn’t be as much fun as this."
Born: Collingwood, Canada
Date: 1992
Height: 1,91 m
Known for: having a hight-fashion kind of look


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