Jizz nr 291

Vladimir Averianov (born Volodya but he changed it) is a russian model who's probably going to be huge in the industry with his blue eyes and perfect mix between cute and hot. He looks like a male version of another russian model; Natalia Vodianova (click here to see the resemblance).

Born: Russia
Date of birth: 1st of june, 1993
Height: 1, 84 m
Known for: Blue eyes and looking like a male version of Natalia Vodianova

Jizz nr 290

Dylan Armstrong började modella 2011 och har gått en visning för Versace. Han spås bli stor inom modevärlden.

Born: South Africa
Date: 1990/1991
Height: 1,88 m
Known for: rising star

Jizz nr 289

Kanske världens hetaste reklam!

Ett tips; om ni inte uppskattar den något läskiga musiken i videon, muta youtube och tryck på någon av våra favorit sexy-songs som ni finner längst ner på sidan!

Jizz nr 288

Satchel Gray is a model who was discovered at a football game. The people he looks up to the most are Indiana Jones and his dad. One of his most prized possessions is a picture of him and supermodel David Gandy (AKA Jizz nr 62) and his wish for 2012 is to pay for a trip with his family.

Right now he's one of my favourites, I just can't get over how fine he is! Click here to see more pictures! /J

Born: Logansport, Indiana, US
Date of birth: 1993
Height: 1, 87 m
Known for: his incredible eyes/eyelashes and being so insanely cute

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